Press Release: G.A.M.E.’s Ken Cowle Event Coordinator Grammy Winner

Press Release, February 2012

G.A.M.E.’s Ken Cowle Event Coordinator Grammy Winner

Congratulations Ken!!!!!!!Host of Asylum for your Soul – Ken Cowle was not
only  nominated for his second Grammy award, Best Children’s CD”.  But is
now a Grammy winner.   Ken Cowle is the publisher of Soul Asylum Poetry and
Publishing Inc. Ken worked as a consultant on the CD comprising of 37
tracks. “ALL ABOUT BULLIES….BIG AND SMALL”, a little child’s play with a
grown-up message. The CD competed with more than 125 children’s albums to
earn its’ spot in the category.

When Ken was asked to participate in the project he jumped at the
opportunity. He had already written numerous poems about bulling and had
also been talking with the Texas based band Blue October on securing the
rights to use the song “Jump Rope”. He spent extensive time working with the
likes of Paul Nugent, manager for the band, and the executives at Universal

Mr. Cowle has been credited as an artist for co-writing “Where are Ya” with
Steve Pullara of Cool Beans Music, which appears on the CD.

This CD not only helps to give advice to the child that is being bullied, it
also speaks to the bullies themselves. Why a child may be being bullied and
why another would feel the need to physically or emotionally harm another.
Although the subject matter is serious the CD is fun, informative and

For more information of this CD and all the work that went into the project
follow the links below.