About Us & Our Mission

Give A Miracle A Chance (G.A.M.E.) supports children living with special needs. We support children towards independent therapies and treatments and provide life management counseling, therapy programs and other support services to enable children to become more independent in their lives and in the community.

Our two funding streams are financial assistance and life management therapy. To apply for assistance applications can be located on our website or by contacting our Family Liaison Director. Further details of the therapies we support and contact information is available on our website.

Children born with special needs have a lifetime of challenges and our sustainable objective is to help ensure these children join the game of life, on a level playing field.

For families who are interested in applying for assistance there is an application process. Applications can be found on our website here. If families are interested in other programs and services we offer or would like to learn more about our organization please contact Catharine White, Special Needs Director or Lynn Marles, Executive Director.

Mission, Vision & Values


  • Create conditions for special needs kids to become more independent in their lives and in the community and offer financial assistance for therapies that focus on the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms.


  • Continue to foster community partnerships working together as ambassadors to deliver a Therapy Centre with increased services close to home for our kid.

Successes & Goals

  • Contributed $135,000 with 20 plus recipients returning with life-time physical and cognitive positive results; Deliver “Bridge The GAP” Therapy Centre that will support over 1,000 children
  • Successful fundraisers raised money from 9 successful years of our annual Ball Tournaments, Christmas Concert, Raffle, and Auction and sponsorships.

Download our Info Package [pdf]

Lynn Marles
Executive Director
1-877-603-9991 or 416-603-9991, Option 1
e-mail: lynn@giveamiracleachance.com

Catharine White
Special Needs Director
1-877-603-9991 or 416-603-9991, Option 2
e-mail: cathy@giveamiracleachance.com