Mischko Kasjak

Mischko Kasjak today is three and a half years old with a vibrant demeanour and contagious smile. He was born in the 28th week of his mother’s pregnancy, approximately 3 months premature. The week following his birth the Doctor called in his parents to advise them of devastating results from a prescribed procedure. They were informed that a brain injury was discovered which broke their hearts just to hear that their precious miracle may not be able to say a word, move, swallow or even close his eyes. Thankfully those worst fears did not come true.

Mischko remained in the hospital for nine weeks and upon his arrival home he proceeded with physiotherapy. His parents are constantly taking measures to help Mischko to make his future as bright as possible continuing with his physiotherapy and daily routine of exercises and stretches three times a day. He is able to speak and ask for anything he wants, walk using his walker, sit independently for short intervals and has just recently learned how to ride a tricycle. Mischko continues to make gains and reaches new milestones with small improvements his parents have seen over the three and a half years. As all parents, they wanted more for their miracle boy to become more independent. He participated in the Hyperbaric and Conductive Education therapy program making great improvements. He improved his walking with his walker, learned to walk with quad-canes for short distances. He made gains with his body posture, improved balance, self feeding and his endurance. Mischko has started to help with undressing himself, his muscle tone decreased, became more independent in changing position and place, balance and his feet are more flexible.