Denton Webster-Marles

Denton Marle’s Story

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Denton is 8 years old and his engaging smile is encouraging to everyone who knows him. In many ways Denton is just like most 8 year old boy’s. He likes fishing, riding the ATV, watching his Dad work on his derby trucks, and playing in the mud!


Though, in many ways, Denton struggles. When Denton was born he lost oxygen to his brain, causing him to have Cerebral Palsy. Diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy (CP), doctors determined Denton’s brain was 85% damaged and he wouldn’t live longer than 48 hours.  He was a fighter though, and through prayers, faith, hope and a miracle Denton survived and he continues to open new paths in his life. Everyday Denton struggles to do the simple things that most 8 year old boy’s do with next to no effort.


Denton has been working very hard since he was 18 months old on reaching milestones most children reach on their own. He has gone to Therapies such as Conductive Education and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy costing $10,000.00 each time (not government funded) Cuevas Medek Excersizes costing $130.00 an hour(not government funded) and Therasuit Therapy costing $10,000.00 (again not government funded). As parents we have tried our best to keep Denton active, he also takes part in conventional Therapies like Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, but the government only funds 2 hours a month, children like Denton need at least 2 hours a day.


When other 8 year old boy’s are enrolled in soccer and hockey Denton is enrolled in therapy. When other 8 year old boys are riding their bikes Denton is watching. He is the happiest little boy, he rarely complains but he knows that he is different.


As his parents all we wish for is for Denton to walk and talk and simply get the chance for him to have the chance to be just like the other kids and join in on the fun with them.

-Steve and Courtney Marles