Mentorship & Support Program

Give A Miracle A Chance has developed a comprehensive approach to the development of a Mentorship and Family Support program. This program is committed to sustaining to the vision of providing opportunities to families, communities, service providers and other affiliated associations for children with cerebral palsy.

Our organization reaches out to children with cerebral palsy offering education and research to families and offer assistance in meeting the financial needs and resources. We grant families access to community resource information to help them find support for the various social, medical, financial and other special needs resources for their children.

We value the children of today as the future of tomorrow. We are committed to providing guidance and support and contributing to resources inclusive of our programs goals and objectives to ensure that there are not any families left behind.  We strive to provide resource information to all families we interact with that have children with cerebral palsy and collectively, we join resources and forces to bring awareness and support to them. Our curriculum is further enhanced through other avenues by providing education opportunities and the ability to pursue resource and financial opportunities. This program offers personal and confidential consultations with families and access to our Resource Library. Our future goal is to provide the Resource Library’s availability on our website.


Courtney Marles

Katie Snelgrove

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